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  1. CobaltHome
    I came across Cobalt from the fantastically Euro-pop track, ‘Versio’, written for Fedivision 2024. Cobalt is a Finnish musician and linguist, and ‘Home’ is the perfect opener to the very first NHAM mix tape.
  2. sknobDriven By Desire (Extended Mix)
    sknob is another artist who had a strong Fedivision entry with ‘Living the Dream’. Having had a nice rummage through the wonderful back catalogue I was taken by ‘Driven by Desire’ both musically and in its deeper meaning. Shades of Clor, Roxy Music and David Byrne might be something an ‘AI’ generator could output, but the innovation it could not.
  3. MeljoannEXIT
    ’EXIT’ has Let’s Eat Grandma vibes. Meljoann’s awesome creativity extends beyond her music and in to her videos too. Well worth a dive via her Peertube channel … you might be lucky enough to get swept in to the Mustics® craze whilst there too. I’m not really sure how to describe Meljoann as a female Prince without calling her Princess, but it’s what I want to do!
  4. bgmYou Can’t See It
    Get funky, lo-fi, baseline, harmonise. Can you see it? Now wiggle!
  5. KydiaHoly Grail
    This is just an incredible piece of craftsmanship which gets better and better the deeper you delve and the more you listen. The composition, the lyrics, the production: It’s a masterpiece, made even more remarkable when Kydia’s story is told. -She is lady with ADHD and a Bone-Anchored Hearing Aid (BAHA) having been born with Microtia grade 3 and Atresia (a deformed outer ear and ear canal, and single-sided deafness). Cosmetic surgery a few years back to get a prosthetic outer ear, followed by the fitting of a titanium post in to her skull means she can now hear in stereo where the majority of her life she only heard in mono. Kydia is a special talent and Holy Grail could easily be a platinum-selling number one the world over either if Kydia were signed and thrust in to the pop world or if the song was given to one of the superstars of today.
  6. MyLoFy feat. Aaron – The Funniest Thing
    This mixtape project came about thanks to Fedivision 2024 and I could easily have chosen 12 songs from Fedivision for this first mixtape, but wanting to get discovering new songs straight away this is the only inclusion from this year’s contest. The Funniest Thing was one of my three votes and if I only had one vote this is the song I would have given it to. A Retro-Pop track tinged with Alphaville about the detachment of conscience people might experience using social media. Whatsmore it was produced exclusively using (lots of) free and open source software. Although perhaps ironically it’s the only song on the list which isn’t linked because I can’t find any MyLoFy music on any of the Fair Music Platforms. I’m reliably informed that a Mirlo profile is on the roadmap though so look out for that!
  7. VCS2600Databahn Lowrider
    With a funky swagger a la Chromeo or Har Mar Superstar I dare you not to bounce along with your arm bopping aloft as you cruise in your imaginary ride to VCS2600.
  8. lost in the looptell_me_what_you_see
    Another really catchy little number with a funky groove to keep you on the regular twitch. lost in the loop does shy vulnerability well, laying the cards on the table with tell_me_what_you_see and delivering a right royal winner.
  9. MishathingsStart Anew
    Teaching Political Ecology and Earth Science at Amsterdam University College by day and busting uplifting tunes by night, Misha can momentarily take you to a space and time where it’s all alright with Start Anew, even though it’s really not, is it? We’re in this together.
  10. SaktiSomerset
    Having previously lived in the county I was drawn to this track when checking out some of Sakti’s back catalogue and it’s an epic monster of an audio-trip right up my street. Extremely proficient master crafting here.
  11. Shannon CurtisExtraordinary People
    I’m an 80s kid and Shannon habits 1980s spirit with aplom, taking me in with the first bang of the synth-wave drum. Extraordinary People is a nostalgia-driven, synth-pop ballad that calls, ‘Look at us, we are extraordinary people’. A nod to all of the artists featured on this page and so many more pouring out their creativity in to the Fediverse and beyond.
  12. Under Shaded Treesplease don’t worry
    AKA Chris Lowis said that this track sounded, ‘Like an end of EP kind of track’, so put it at the end of his beautiful 1858 EP … a trick I’ve repeated here to close out the very first NHAM mixtape. Under Shaded Trees is blissful serenity, wistful but optimistic and I love it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed listening as much as I’ve loved curating (and dancing along 👇). See you next month!

And So It Begins (Needles & Pins)

Fedivision 2024 opened my eyes to how much good music is being made by independent artists on decentralised platforms.

It inspired me so much I chose to end my Spotify subscription and instead commit to spend the money on 10-15 indy tracks per month. 

The stipulation is that the artists have a presence in The Fediverse (maybe featuring on Radio Free Fedi or with active Fediverse accounts) or are on open source platforms such as Faircamp, Funkwhale, Mirlo, Jam.coop, Tone.audio etc.

This month (May 2024) I have set up a recurring donation to Radio Free Fedi and pledged to Mirlo’s kickstarter.

Next month I’ll publish the first NHAM mixtape.

For now here are the 12 songs that made my shortlist from the 72 entries in Fedivision 2024:

Dace Merryweather – ‘The Roses Outside Grow Suspiciously Red
Leigh Harrison, – ‘Tap My Toes’
The Rolling Poles – ‘GeoGuessr Song’
Marcus Bointon – ‘Federation
MyloFy feat. Aaron – ‘The Funniest Thing’
Alison Selby – ‘Sum of my Parts’
Faustine & Juliette – ‘Maudit’
Schall und Stille feat. MyLoFy & Tobias Stutz – ‘Mare
Jämezytee – ‘Shoot Away Pain
Cobalt – ‘Versio
Ferocious Designs – ‘Open Your Eyes’
Key 13 – ‘Misaligned Aardvarks

NB: Artist links go to their personal Fediverse accounts. Songs have links if the song is available on one of the Fair Music platforms or their own website (or Bandcamp).

The Listen Along Preview Vid: